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Welcome to Camp North Creations! We are a small family owned business based out of Wisconsin!

We love adventuring and hitting the trails as much as we can and want to share our story with you!

Also be sure to check out our State Park checklists & National Park checklists here!
State Park Checklists
National Park Checklists 
Our pledge to customer satisfaction!

Hello, my name is Brant, I am the owner of Camp North Creations.
I wanted to take a moment to explain how we run our company. Also about how we believe customers should always come first! 
Working several jobs over the years that revolved around customer service I realize how terrible customer service is..
Don’t we all hate terrible customer service? I personally think its a shame when businesses don’t care about the people buying. After all, aren't we all customers?
When I started this business I said I would always put the customers first.
Its not only a pride thing, its also a level of understanding and mutual respect I have for everyone.
When you shop with us I personally guarantee that it will be a great experience!

If you have any questions or need help before, during or after a purchase reach out to us at

I wanted to share a little bit of our story on who we are and how we got started.
As young man my family would occasionally travel up north to land. The same land that my father traveled to with his dad & family. I would call this land camp north! It was always a huge highlight in my life.
Being in the great outdoors is a feeling like no other. A feeling that has been with me my entire life.  Nature has always captured my biggest interests. Traveling to various parks through the years brought out my passion for photography! Which is still one of my biggest inspirations! Doing photography for 14 years has brought me on many adventures & explorations! 
A few years ago I started making graphic designs for fun. This lead to me learning as much as I can & taking classes on the subject. Gratefully I met a lot of people who helped me along my journey as a graphic designer.  In 2020 I turned my focus towards putting all of my energy into creating my visions & ideas! 
When I started my shop I couldn’t figure out my shop name. It took me weeks of brainstorming countless ideas.

Than bam! It came to me!

Camp North Creations! 

This is our story and we hope that our creations will help you create more of yours!

Let us know if we can do anything to help!

We are working around the clock to get everything flawless & ready for shipping! 

Anywho, have a wonderful day/night! ☀️ 🌙